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Home Visits

Lactation support in the comfort of your own home! We can help with anything from breastfeeding and pumping to introducing solids, weaning, and much more!

A typical consult to help with breastfeeding looks like:

We will observe what breastfeeding looks like for you & help with latch and positioning. We will do a weighted feed to determine what milk transfer looks like. We will do an oral assessment of your baby to determine function & evaluate anatomy. We will discuss your concerns and work together to develop a feeding plan. Our goal is to make sure that things are moving forward and you are on track for breastfeeding success!

An initial consultation is usually 1-2 hours, a follow up is usually 1 hour.

Virtual Visits

Secure video conferencing allows us to offer virtual consults! We can offer help with anything lactation related via video chat to help you and your baby on your journey.

We offer 1 hour visits as well as 30 minute options if you have a question or two. These consults are hosted our secure telehealth platform within our EHR, Practice Better.

Phone Consultations

Have a few simple questions that don’t need us to see what’s going on? Schedule a time to chat on the phone with us to help you confidently move forward with your lactation journey!

Pumping Guidance

Using a breast pump is an important part of lactation for many individuals. From personal experience and training I’ve taken from others with advanced knowledge, we can help you navigate everything from learning how to use your pump to managing exclusively pumping to increasing milk supply with a pump while also nursing baby… and more!

Flange Fittings

We will make suggestions for the right sized pump flange to help optimize milk output while using a pump.  All pictures and video that we ask you to provide will be hosted on a secure platform for your safety.  We will discuss my findings over secure video conferencing or phone.

Support Groups

Community and support is helpful for success with breastfeeding. We lead and facilitate support groups throughout the community to help you and offer a space for fellowship with other breastfeeding moms.

a mom holding a baby and breast feeding on the couch

You can do this. You are strong and amazing.

We are here to help you meet your goals for feeding your baby. You may feel like nothing is working and things are just a mess. We strive to provide compassionate care to help you navigate feeding your baby with confidence.

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