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Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), there are specific provisions that address lactation and breastfeeding support as essential healthcare services for women.

The ACA requires health insurance plans to cover lactation support and breastfeeding equipment. This includes:

1. Breastfeeding Support: The ACA mandates coverage for lactation counseling and support services. This can involve consultations with lactation consultants or specialists to assist women in addressing breastfeeding challenges or obtaining guidance on proper techniques.

2. Breastfeeding Equipment: The law requires coverage for breastfeeding equipment, such as breast pumps. Insurance plans are mandated to provide access to breastfeeding supplies without cost-sharing, ensuring that women have the necessary equipment to facilitate breastfeeding.

The goal of these provisions is to promote and support breastfeeding, recognizing its health benefits for both infants and mothers. By ensuring coverage for lactation support services and necessary equipment, the ACA aims to make these resources more accessible and affordable for women, encouraging and facilitating breastfeeding as a healthy choice for new mothers and their babies.


We are able to work with MANY health insurance plans as in network providers as well as some plans as out of network providers to provide insurance covered visits for our patients. Our team will complete a benefits check before your visit with us to see what your plan covers. If we are unable to work with your insurance plan, we can provide a superbill to submit for reimbursement of our consultation fee. Please reach out to Benefits@MilkGuide.com if you have any questions.

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