Why Choose an In-Home Lactation Visit?

 In-Home Lactation Visit

Let’s be honest, one of the best perks of living in modern society is the ability to have just about anything delivered to your doorstep. Flowers, medicine, food, couch cushions, you name it! Basically anything you could ever want is just a click away. So why should lactation care be any different? 

Once you’ve had a baby, the last thing you feel like doing is getting them cleaned up, dressed, and strapped into their car seat to go to just one more appointment. Not to mention the amount of effort it takes to get yourself ready during those postpartum days. I’m exhausted just thinking about it! So when the proverbial ish (or maybe milk) hits the fan, you’ll be thanking your lucky stars that you have someone on call who can come to you instead! Clearly, the biggest benefit of at-home visits is the simple fact that you don’t have to leave your house. But there are even more reasons to book a visit at home, outside of the convenience factor.

When your lactation consultant comes to your home, they’ll be able to help you with the things you have around you. We are historically good at finding solutions to common problems with things you already have. I don’t mean to brag, but we’re basically the MacGyver of boobs. We will do our best to utilize what you already have to create a solution that works for you. And if we can’t, chances are we have something that will work in our Mary Poppins’ bag that we bring with us. 

Not only will we use the things in your environment to help you, but we will also use the environment itself! Trying to help a new mama get the right positioning in the hospital bed is great, but what happens when she has to go home? Everyone has different sleeping arrangements, pillow preferences, and couch styles, which means everyone will have different needs. Being able to help you find a comfortable position in your favorite spot, or finding the right support with your cushy pillows is an essential part of what we do. 

If you’re a pumping mama, the home visit is great because we can see your whole pump set up and system. We can give you pointers right there without you having to pack everything up, set it up in an office, and then pack it right back up to take home. Nope, none of that! We just come look at what you’ve already got going on and then probably give you a high five for having any sort of setup in the first place. 

And finally, the last big bonus of at-home visits is that you’ll be in your comfort zone. Birthing a child is one of the most vulnerable things we will ever do as human beings. And that vulnerability can feel really daunting and overwhelming when you’re baring your soul (or your boobs) to a stranger. Being in your own space is going to help you feel more relaxed and at peace. You’ll be able to chill out in your favorite chair with your coziest blanket while you chat with us and we will figure out the best way to help you. We love seeing mamas at peace in their own space, and it brings us a lot of joy to be allowed into that space too.

Wherever you are, however we meet, providing care that is best-suited to your needs is our priority. Being in your home gives us a well-rounded picture of what those needs are and how we can best help you. For you, it will be a convenience (dare I say a luxury?) to have someone come to you when you’re exhausted and milky and needing support. We will meet you where you are, judgement-free, and ready to help however we are able.